The Well Nest:  Mommy & Me Yoga + Support (Fig Health)

The Well Nest: Mommy & Me Yoga + Support (Fig Health)

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Looking for a simple way to connect both emotionally and physically with your baby?
Try mommy-and-me yoga!
Unlike the kinds of yoga, you might have practiced on your own doing yoga with your baby is quite different: you’ll help your baby perform simple stretches with playful music and some simple props are thrown into the mix to engage and stimulate the mind of your little one.
Our postpartum yoga classes have a very open and casual atmosphere.
Lasting approximately 45 minutes, they often begin with meditation or breathing plus some beginner-friendly pose sequences that involve holding your baby in your arms. Moms sometimes feed or change their babies during simple sequences — it's no big deal!
So you don’t have to worry about your baby’s behavior upsetting the zen atmosphere.
We welcome you to join us for some baby bonding, mind-body movement, and socialization with other mothers! This class is appropriate for ages 6 weeks to pre-crawlers.

Classes are available on 4/21, 4/28, and 5/5  from 10:00-10:45am

Cost: $50 for the whole month
Drop-in class: $20.00

Location: Fig Health 39 New London Turnpike.